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[IP] Re: Newly diagnosed patient at 13

Regarding the post about the newly diagnosed patient's going through shock.
Understandably finding out having diabetes is a total shock. For many of us
old-timers with diabetes (I have had the disease for 22 years), diabetes has
became a way of life, it can be managed and maintained. It doesn't mean that
you cannot do the things you want to do. Many of us are working individuals,
nurses, race care drivers, bus drivers, social workers-we even have Olympic
swimmers and Miss America in our ranks. It is overwhelming to get all the
information of what can happen when diabetes is out of control. I know that
very well-I know that I could get kidney disease, heart failure, go blind,
but I try my best every day to reduce the risk of coming down with those
complications. But who knows, I may also die from a car crash, or whatever.
And I won't stop driving my car because I may die from a car crash. Life is
so uncertain. Diabetes can be controlled and maintained, now the outlook of
those living with diabetes has vastly improved. it is a lifestyle change and
there will be some ups and downs, it does really SUCK (there's those caps,
sorry) but we have a good thing going with insulin-pumpers.org. Just take
one day at a time, set goals for yourself and be the best you can be. We all
have challenges, challenges make us stronger people. Back when I was
diagnosed I was really alone, this day and age I feel free to discuss my
disease because there is so many of us out there, latch on to those that
will support you-they will make you strong. Good luck to you! Sharon
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