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Re: [IP] infusion set blues

On  08/03/01 at 10:40AM, Jennifer wrote:

Just when I thought I was the getting the quick-sets to behave, I got hit
with the pump fairy. I use Mastisol under the set and had this one on my
upper thigh. Since today is Friday I was wearing jeans at work and I am now
convince that jeans and infusion sets don't go together. I had to use the
little girls room and when I pulled down my pants my infusion set came out
leaving the tape behind. That's right just the cannula hub and tubing came
off and I had a nice little circle of cloth tape on my leg. Has this ever
happened to anyone else, if so do you have any ideas why? The set was only
36 hours old.

That is so weird...The exact same thing happened to me on the weekend!  I also
use Mastisol with Quicksets.  My infusion set was on the lower part of my
hip/upper thigh.  It's definitely a bad place to put the set.   But  I don't
think it's a defect in the set as someone else suggested - - it's just the
pulling of clothes over the site (especially when you sort of forget it's
 My site was only 24 hours old. At first only a bit of the tape ripped away
from the inner core but the site was OK ( I was checking my BGs every hour for
the first while). The next day, when I went to the loo, the whole inner part
ripped out but the tape still stuck.  At least I know how well the Mastisol
works. : ]

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