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Re: [IP] Hot tubs & pumps


  My son Joshua (9.5, Dis H-Tron+, MM Quick Sets) LOVES our new hot tub.  He 
will always disconnect because the higher temps will affect the insulin.  
Well, the hot water affects his BGs too.  I always want to send him out in 
the tub when he has highs because it will always bring him right down.  So, I 
always watch him when he is in (I'm usually in with him anyway!) to make sure 
he doesn't go too low either.  I also try to have something cold for him to 
drink handy so he doesn't dehydrate either!  So I guese my suggestion to you 
would be to just be careful of going low while in the hot tub!  

  Good Luck and have fun!!!!!

mom to Joshua
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