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Re: [IP] Biker Babe

At 12:30 PM 8/6/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>One of the IP Admin Volunteers who has a very red face
>Dang,  Biker Babe Catwoman <<<<<<<<<<<<<SNIP
>OK Fran, fess up, Biker Babe Catwoman??? You have been hiding
>your real personality behind a sweet little lady.

Where on earth did you ever get the idea that I am a sweet little lady?  <VBG>

>What is the story

Biker Babe:  I just recently got my motorcycle licence.  We take most of 
our trips on our motorcycle ( see my photo ) and so I thought it would be a 
good thing, if something were to happen to Steve, that I at least knew 
where the ignition is.  LOL  So I took the class with a friend and we had a 
blast.  So those near and dear to me are calling me Biker Babe Chick 
LOL  No I do not wear leather halter tops, but I do wear my pump.  :-)

Catwoman:  I am part of the Admin team for IP and we call ourselves Batman 
and Robin ( long story ).  Anyway, since I am such a kitty fan ( have 13 
currently ) when I am on duty I call myself Catwoman.

So see, I am still that wonderful sweet little lady with a flare of 
bitchiness.  <VBG>

Ms. Kitty Biker Babe-Chick
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