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Re: [IP] Hot tubs & pumps

> SO... my question to all of you is... do I have to be
> concerned with the infusion site?  Will the high
> temperature effect it at all?  Any suggestions or
> personal experiences with what I should and should not
> do when near the hot tub?

Be aware that insulin absorbs more rapidly from tissue that has 
dialilated blood vessels --- i.e. hot skin. If you take a big 
bolus.... say for dinner, then jump in the tub you might get a little 
low because of the faster absorption. This is usually not a problem, 
but my daughter has noticed it when taking a hot shower after dinner.

The heat itself is not really a problem as YOU are generally as warm 
as the tub itself. The infusion site will not have any problems not 
experienced with swimming -- you may need a skin prep on a routine 
basis, but that solves the "sticky" problem for most swimmers (kids 
excepted :-)

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