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[IP] insulin resistance

My 17 year old son is the pumper and I usually write about something 
pertaining to him.  This question is because I have recently been diagnosed 
with insulin resistance. I do not have NIDDM or high blood sugars. The endo I 
am seeing (not the same one my son goes to) has told me I need to go on a low 
carb diet.  She said I should start with Protein Power to lose weight and 
then go on SugarBusters.  Has anyone on here tried that?  I am uneasy with 
almost eliminating an entire food group, but the doctor tells me this diet 
and exercise is the only treatment for my problem and could potentially head 
off full blown Type II Diabetes.  If this has been covered before, I 
apologize, but I have not been keeping up with digest lately.  Thanks.
Annette  (mom to Josh, 17, dx 8/91, pumping Disetronic H-Tron 9/28/99)
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