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Re: [IP] Brittle Diabetics

>Well if there has to be another (even on the other side of the world 
it would be me) I am starting the pump tomorrow but i have always been 
a troublesome patient. My Dr has even suggested i write a medical 
journal as i have also had diseases that not too many other people in 
the world have had, and they wanted to find out if diabetes complicated 
the illness more.
I have been like this for many years - unexplained high levels which 
becomes fustrating. All i can say is keep trying and have faith that 
the light will appear at the end of the tunnel. My light is hopefully 
being turned on tomorrow when i get my pump.
Linda Fox

> > My dr. says I am her problem pump patient and she doesn't know 
> what to do
> anymore...saying that she had hoped my going on the pump would 
> have given me
> more control.
> We are aiming for a consistent 150 but that number never stays 
> even near
> there for one whole day.
> What have you done to get yours under control and I keep asking 
> myself what
> I am doing wrong?
> I look forward to hearing from some brittles out there.
> Kathy B.
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