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[IP] : Parents of DM'rs

>Date: Sun, 05 Aug 2001 07:28:47 EDT
>From: email @ redacted
>Subject: [IP] Re: Parents of DM'rs
>Sometimes I think I tried so hard to put on this act that caring for my son
and his diabetes was no big deal.  I was afraid if I went to the place
inside of me that was so overwhelmed and so afraid I wouldn't be able to do
all the things I needed to do.  On night about a year ago my dear son was
giving me an incredible amount of grief about changing his pump or something
like that.  He finally broke down and said how much he hated diabetes and
all he had to do to take care of it. When I said that I did too and all the
things I had to do he looked shocked.  I  told him how sad I was for him and
how having diabetes totally "SUCKED".  Now I never use that word so I think
my message to him came across loud and clear. I was working so hard trying
to make him see that I didn't resent him for having diabetes that I never
let him see how I hated his disease and what it did to him.  I think I gave
him a really mixed message.  We of course cried together for the first time
since the dx.!
> He was 13 by then so I think he
> was able to understand my feelings. Well I felt better releasing a little
bit of grief and learned that I need to let him know how I feel too, not
about him, but about this unrelenting disease.  Sorry for ranting.
>Janet in Ohio
>- ----------------------------------------------------------
I think you and your son now have an understanding that you didn't have when
you were acting as if nothing was wrong. When I was diagnosed at age 23 i
went home from the hospital with my wife and we kissed the kids, closed the
door to the bedroom and both had a cry. even in the last several months I
have had tears in my endo's office. It is an unrelenting disease. I always
wait for the next shoe to drop and I am never disapointed. be glad you can
both communicate on the same wavelength it makes things so much easier. I
tell my wife only my insurance company hates my disbetes worse than i do.
Parents and spouses of DMers all have a special place in G-d's garden in
heaven. spot
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