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[IP] Anyone know where I can get diabetes-related clipart?

Dear Group:

I've been writing two guides for insulin pumpers: one for travel, and
the other for hurricane/emeergency preparedness. They are based on my
personal experiences and years of research. I have them as text
documents, but I'd like to also have HTML and/or PDF versions with some
art work. I need to find some royalty-free clip art related to diabetes,
such as insulin pumps and vials, pump cartrideges, tubing, batteries,
syringes, etc. I'm also looking for travel and emergency-related art to
supplement what I have so far. If anyone can suggest any source(s),
please post a response or e-mail me directly. I've been working on these
guides for some time, and plan to distribute them via my business web
site, and through a link on the insluin pumpers web site (of course).


Amilcar Vazquez Jr.
President: InfoServ International, Inc.
934 Hardwick Avenue, Orlando, FL 32825-6639
TEL: 407-823-7733 FAX: 407-277-9105
mailto:mailto:email @ redacted

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