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RE: [IP] Brittle Diabetics

I AM using a smaller set called micro set.  Dr agrees there is still not
enough fat to inject into that area.

I keep a very detailed log of everything I eat, what I eat, every time I
monitor my b.g. which is often, if I exercise, if my b.g. goes low or if
high, how much I took to compensate...

There is no pattern, there never was...

I am considering meeting w/a different endo but there are not many around
here...my dr.'s office has three in it and she is the top one...two wks ago
I had a problem w/high that wouldn't come down, called on Sun. and got the
lower man on the totem pole who didn't know me from Adam and he told me to
shoot 4.4 units...had I done that I would have been in a totally horrible
reaction since insulin was still going through my system..I had asked him
how much I could safely take..got nowhere w/him and just decided to take
1.0...1 hr later I was down from 395 to 120...I have a very weird body....

but thx for the advice! :)
Kathy B.
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