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[IP] Blood donors wanted?

Like heck...!

I went with tom to the 'KLOS blood drive' and even was surprised to learn
that they do, in fact, accept donations from IDDMs in good control.


I cannot give. ---Because I lived in the UK (Northern Ireland and they are
afraid of the 'mad cow' disease being in my system---. In humans it's some
german sounding name, shortened to vCJD.

SUNNYBEACH!! They say it takes 20 years for it to show up. JUST GREAT,
Something ELSE for me to watch for!

Now, I am a celibate person, don't and never have done drugs, do not have
AIDS, am not an alcohol abuser, and so, the ONLY reason I cannot give is the
freaking UK residence.

If I see ONE MORE AD about them cryin' for donors, I shall emit a huge
technicolour YAWN!! Their criteria is soooooo stringent, I'd say a good half
of the populace is inelegible to give any blood! Even Tom was turned away as
his BP was too high.

SHEESH!! AGAIN, Jenny can contribute nothing to this bloody society!!! I
can't even GIVE it away.

Fine. I shall no longer even try to help out. all I get when I do is a kick
to the teeth anyway. I guess looking out for number 1 isn't going to be so
bad after all. Let them moan and bi*** as when people want to help they are
turned down and sent home anyhow.

I was so disappointed and now am a bit nervous. What the heck kind of tests
are there for Bovine Spongioform encephalopathy or in humans vCJD? Can they
check my Codan 123 in the PrP Gene? Or, does one simply get it, die and
autopsy reveals it? NICE of them to frighten the living daylights out a
person, with no data to back them up other then blaming the FDA.

Jenny Sutherland
--Who has no inclination to be milked nor to eat grass.--
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