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[IP] Re: brittle diabetics

I been a type I for 28 years and my endo told me years ago
that I was a brittle diabetic. This was back in the days of
the clinitest tablets & the keto-diastix. The last 10 years
I was on 5-6
shots a day and my A1c still never got under 10.5. I went on
the pump 18 months ago and my first A1c was 7.1. My
bloodsugars still go all over the place but I just try to
test  about 6-8 times a day. I get 200 test strips a month
thru insurance for 5.00. I'd try playing with your basal
rates if you can determine when the highs are. It takes a
long time to fine tune your basal profiles and get things
right where you want them. A bad day on the pump beats 6
shots a day.
                       Still hot in Phoenix............Dave
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