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Re: [IP] Brittle Diabetics

In a message dated 8/5/2001 8:41:15 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Yes I am pumping Humalog.
> When I was on shots I was on NPH and Humalog, prior to that regular and none
> of them peaked when they were supposed to no matter where I injected...now I
> only have one available site, lower abs since I don't have enough fat
> anywhere else to put my set.
> Kathy B.

    You could try a smaller set I forgot the name  and use you're leg as 
another site. Also log all times your sugar goes nuts and see if a pattern 
amerges. A second opinion from another endo is covered under some insurance 
plans even when they graduate at the bottom of the class they still call them 
                      Good Luck. Mike
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