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Re: [IP] Parents with Diabetic Children


Did you know that there is a blood test you could have done on your daughter
that looks for the islet cell antibodies that are thought to be a precursor to
type 1 diabetes? After our daughter was diagnosed, we had both her older
brothers tested and, thankfully, they were negative for the antibodies. It is
called DPT-1 (Diabetes Prevention Trial - type 1). There are testing sites all
over the country. You can call 1-800-425-8361.

My understanding is that a negative result is not a guarantee of no diabetes in
the future, but they do identify people as high risk or medium risk for
developing type 1. The scientists are studying whether the onset of diabetes can
be postponed or prevented by insulin injections. We did it just because we
wanted a little warning if either brother turned out to be at risk.

Appreciate your comments about not treating kids differently.



email @ redacted wrote:

> I was diagnosed at the age of 13 and my mom was diagnosed at the age of 40
> with type I Diabetes.  I was talking to her about it tonight and she said
> that she never treated me differently because I had D.  She tried to treat me
> like she always had and never kept me home from doing things because of it.
> I still ran track, was a cheerleader, gymnast and dancer.  I always stayed
> the night at my friends homes and they never thought anything of me checking
> my sugars or giving shots.  I guess I was fortunate to have a mother with the
> same disease because we always kept each other in line with everything and we
> understood each other.
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