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[IP] Capitalization

To All Members,

Not using ALL CAPS is a rule not only on this list, but on most Internet 
lists and newsgroups. On most lists using ALL CAPS is considered the 
equivalent of yelling. There is nothing wrong with using ALL CAPs when 
appropriate, for example, to give emphasis to a word here and there in your 
message. Using ALL CAPs for your entire subject line or message body is not 

If any of you were to read digest or browser mode it can be quite annoying 
to see subject lines in ALL CAPS. This is because any text written in ALL 
CAPS is significantly more difficult to read than text in mixed case. 
Compounding the problem, each reply to a message that has ALL CAPS in the 
subject line is also sent that way unless the replier changes it.

All we ask is that you try to follow the rules of the list netiquette and 
have respect for all 3400 plus members. These rules were not made up out of 
the blue, but are following a standard set by the Internet community.

You can find the rules at http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/netiquette.shtml

Thank you for your cooperation,
Fran Baumgartner
Insulin Pumpers Administrator for the Week
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