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I have experienced a similar thing, and found that if I suck on a lemon for 
a few minutes it helps a lot.

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>Date: Sun, 5 Aug 2001 01:39:01 EDT
>Okay, if the weirdest things don't happen to me, I don't now who they 
>to!  Here's the situation:
>Yesterday I went to the pool and ate a granola bar.  As I was eating it, my
>jaw felt sore but I didn't really pay attention to it that much.  When I 
>home about four hours later, I had an ice cream bar and my jaw was hurting
>again, right by my gland in front of my neck on the right side (the spot 
>always feel when giving an exam at the doc's)...I touched it and MUCH to my
>surprise, there was this HUGE lump sticking out about the size of half an
>orange!  It was tender and hurt up into my ear a little bit if I bit down.
>I thought about going to the ER because it was rather large, but then half 
>hour later it was GONE....completely!  Strange!  Then I had some rice and 
>soon as I took a bite, boom..... big orange-type thing sticking out again,
>very visible to the naked eye almost even with my chin!  I waited 15 
>and it went down.
>This has happened to me since then EVERY TIME I attempt to eat anything!  
>swells up immediately and take about 15 minutes to go down.
>Has anyone ever experienced this at all?  I figured if I went to the ER it
>would be down before I got there.... I'd have to bring some food with me 
>tell them to wait until I eat :O(  I will go see my doc on Monday, but I've
>asked many people about this, asked Sean, Dauna, etc, and nobody ever heard
>of anything like this.  I've also looked all over the Net....nothing!
>The fact that it happens when I eat and then goes away makes me think
>something with maybe the salivary glands maybe?  I have no clue.  Would 
>happen with the thyroid only when you eat?
>Thanks for any help you may have!
>Gina with her froggie neck :O(
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