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email @ redacted wrote:

> The fact that it happens when I eat and then goes away makes me think
> something with maybe the salivary glands maybe?

One possibility is that you have a salivary stone in the duct, which is
not big enough to block it completely, but is big enough to block the
gland when it's producing a burst of saliva for eating. This kind of
stone can be removed by an ear, nose and throat doctor.  

I have a stone, but it's in the gland, not the duct, and can't be
removed, so I just live with it -- when the gland swells up, I just
press hard on it, and it goes back down. It's uncomfortable, but the
alternative would be to have the gland removed, and I don't want to deal
with that -- dry mouth from high BGs is enough!!!

Anyway, good luck!
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