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[IP] Gina's problems~ Neck and capitalization!! LOL

In a message dated 8/5/01 3:41:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> although I will refrain from using CAPS in my subject line, I 
> will not discontinue my use of emoticons to express my feelings... 
> especially 
> since people misinterpret what I"m saying to begin with.  I can imagine if 
> I 
> didn't use them :)

OK, how do I start? First, let me say, WOW, I'm sorry that you're having 
trouble with blockage in your neck. That CANNOT be fun, especially with 
everything else 'us' diabetics have to deal with!!! I hope the problem clears 
up soon!! BTW, is this another one of those things that happen to 'us' 
diabetics? Is this caused by the diabetes or is it just something that 
happens to anyone?

Secondly, 'I' personally don't think you should stop writing things the way 
you do. It makes you unique and different!! I KNOW I'm guilty of writing in 
caps at times and have had SOME people say things to me but for the most 
part, I USUALLY get little emails from people saying, "Thanks for making me 
laugh" (Sylvia<BIG GRIN>) or "Thanks, I'm glad you wrote what you did because 
it's NOT the same 'boring' post" etc.  IF we listen to everyone who criticize 
us and/or put us down, we'd NEVER get anywhere in life!!  Do what you 
normally do and DO NOT listen to the few who may get annoyed!! Be yourself in 
other words? WHY be like everyone else? Remember. . . You are unique and that 
makes the world a better place!!!

Hugs and Love to everyone!!!!
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