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[IP] Diagnosis (?) Regarding Above Problem With Glands and a Little Vent

First let me start this off by saying I'm sorry to all the people I have 
offended by using CAPS in the subject line on my posts or the occasion capped 
word in my posts to emphasize some things I say.  These are never directed at 
one person in particular and the caps in the subject line is just a matter of 
habit, I guess.  I use emoticons and exclamation points to add persona and 
characteristic to my posts instead of the same mundane and noncharacter posts 
day after day that would otherwise result from my writing them without these 
things.  Again, it's my style of writing and I use them because sometimes 
people read things differently than they are intended.  So to ALL of you who 
I so much offended and irritated with my CAPS, I'm so sorry for causing such 
a problem :O)
Anyway, I have finally come across some info after hours of searching on the 
web for anything relating to eating and swelling of the submandibular glands. 
 I guess I just wasn't using the correct search words.  I guess the net is 
picky too... LOL
It seems I have sialolithiasis, crystallized minerals in the salivary ducts 
that block the release/drainage of saliva which is produced as soon as you 
start eating.  Could be stones in there too.  I'm just hoping they don't have 
to remove the whole gland which is oftentimes recommended.
I just wanted to let you know in case you ever come across this problem or 
hear of it happening to someone else.  Again, it was frustrating because it 
only happened when I would eat.  
I know this is a bit off-topic, so I'm sorry if I've yet again offended 
someone.  I'm sure I'll hear about it in email :O)  To everyone else, I 
apologize for my snippy words... It's just a little frustrating having people 
analyze and criticize every little thing I do.  I just don't understand it... 
I try to be fair and nice to everyone.  I guess that's my problem, huh... LOL 
 It'd be nice to see that energy wasted on something more beneficial to 
someone because although I will refrain from using CAPS in my subject line, I 
will not discontinue my use of emoticons to express my feelings... especially 
since people misinterpret what I"m saying to begin with.  I can imagine if I 
didn't use them :)
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