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Okay, if the weirdest things don't happen to me, I don't now who they happen 
to!  Here's the situation:
Yesterday I went to the pool and ate a granola bar.  As I was eating it, my 
jaw felt sore but I didn't really pay attention to it that much.  When I came 
home about four hours later, I had an ice cream bar and my jaw was hurting 
again, right by my gland in front of my neck on the right side (the spot they 
always feel when giving an exam at the doc's)...I touched it and MUCH to my 
surprise, there was this HUGE lump sticking out about the size of half an 
orange!  It was tender and hurt up into my ear a little bit if I bit down.  
I thought about going to the ER because it was rather large, but then half an 
hour later it was GONE....completely!  Strange!  Then I had some rice and as 
soon as I took a bite, boom..... big orange-type thing sticking out again, 
very visible to the naked eye almost even with my chin!  I waited 15 minutes 
and it went down.
This has happened to me since then EVERY TIME I attempt to eat anything!  It 
swells up immediately and take about 15 minutes to go down.
Has anyone ever experienced this at all?  I figured if I went to the ER it 
would be down before I got there.... I'd have to bring some food with me and 
tell them to wait until I eat :O(  I will go see my doc on Monday, but I've 
asked many people about this, asked Sean, Dauna, etc, and nobody ever heard 
of anything like this.  I've also looked all over the Net....nothing!
The fact that it happens when I eat and then goes away makes me think 
something with maybe the salivary glands maybe?  I have no clue.  Would this 
happen with the thyroid only when you eat?
Thanks for any help you may have!
Gina with her froggie neck :O(
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