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Re: [IP] pump locations for men/Jumping around on stage


Just curious are you very active on stage(jumping around etc.).  I've always
wondered how the pump would work out running around on stage.


You must have never seen a child with diabetes who has a pump.  Our
camp this year had an explosion in the number of kids on pumps. They
run around like any other children - they forget that they even wearing
a pump, and they jump & scamper & romp & roll & everything that you
would expect from children.  A secure clip for the waistband or a 
well-wrapped waist-pouch keeps the pump on & the infusion site from
being yanked out.  My 6 yr old has even worn his pump in this way in one
of the "moon walk" things with no issue.

I'm sure that an adult romping around on stage would not be anymore
challenge than this.  

What I love about children is their natural exuberance - they don't
even think about letting small things like whether or not their pump
will stay on keep them from doing what they will do anyway.  My son's
attitude helps me keep from being too anal about it.

Think like a kid & have fun!
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 6, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01

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