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[IP] re: Taking a Break/caring for DM child

Bonnie wrote:
Now, I have never had a child on a pump, I imagine there are many 
parents who would give lots of money to take a long break from 
being a caretaker, who might wish the kid would hurry up and grow 
up and take care of himself, who might wish they just didn't have to 
do so much and test in the middle of the night and worry while they 
are at school, and so many things parents of diabetics go through 
that I can't even imagine their not getting an occasional resentment 
about it all.  

My awe and amazement at the wonderful care that you parents of 
D kids give your kids, seemingly with love and no resentments, 
continually amazes and inspires me. 
I can only speak for myself, although in talking with other parents
of children with diabetes I hear similar themes.  I'm far far from
being a saint, but I never ever resent my son for having diabetes - 
I resent that he has to live with diabetes.  We openly talk about
how we hate taking care of the diabetes - but that we need to do it
for him to have the life he wants.

However, I thank God every day that he's alive now, when
diabetes care is better than ever and that elusive cure seems a tiny
bit closer.  If it were 100 years ago & my little guy would just not 
be alive, running around with a pump on & doing everything his 
non-DM brother & sister do.  Our dream is that he will have his full
pancreatic function back before he's out of college.    I would give
any amount of money for a cure to happen for him.

I hate getting up & checking him at night, because interrupted sleep 
is much less satisfying.  BUT I don't wish for him to take it on. 
At least then he can sleep through it (even through taking glucose
tabs if low) & be "free" for a short amount of time every day.  
I wish I could make that part of his life easier.  It's hard enough 
to make him check his own blood sugar, to make him take a shot if 
the pump site isn't working or to even make him changeout his set 
every 3 days.  These things are necessary.  I know the day will come 
when we have to make him take on more of the care, and rather than 
being easy to give it up, it's so hard because I know how much I hate doing
these things - and I don't have to do them to myself.

So yes, we hate diabetes, and we resent the changes it has made in
our lives.  But Luke certainly did absolutely nothing to get this disease -
resenting him for any part of it would feel like not loving him.  

Thanks for the affirmation.  I admire anyone with diabetes who is doing
their best to keep the disease from controlling them.  It's a constant
battle all the time.  I'm glad that from time to time on the list, that
people can come together and provide support so necessary to fighting
the constant battle.
Good luck,
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 6, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01 & to Trevor, 11 & Kate,8

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