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[IP] autoimmunity genetics thereof

Natalie Said:
>Also how often do you see multiple auto-immune diseases in the same
>person, and if you already have one, how much does that raise your risk
>of getting another?

That would be me.  I have (in addition to DM) Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and
Addison's Disease.  When i was diagnosed with AD about five years ago, my
endo (at that time) said she was going to start watching me carefully to
catch any other autoimmune-related problems early on, so I imagine there is
a good chance that something else can crop up somewhere along the way.

If anyone's looking for info on other autoimmune-related diseases, there is
another list, similar to this one but bulletin board style, at
http://www.healinglight.com  There are several people on that list that are
DM (and a couple that use pumps!!)  Also, on that web page is a list of
other conditions cause by auto-immune dysfunction.


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Who is Andrew ? Spot answers:
Yes you are at risk of other autoimmune diseases but they are not really
that common but all are related to your genetics. do you have any siblings,
what do they have. has your genetic background been analyzed? these are
important questions but i would not worry about them since none of us can do
anything to change our genetic makeup short of putting other genes in our
cells. a difficult and often bad procedure. spot  you can write privately if
you want to ask other questions which apply to a smaller audiance than the
whole list spot
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