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RE: [IP] Mixing Humalog with Regular in the pump

On 3 Aug 2001, at 23:17, kathy bruckmeyer wrote:

> Michael,
> I read your e mail with interest and I've been reading into pumping
> insulin book as well but thought that the velosulin was to "thin" out
> the humalog and really didn't have insulin in it...

Nope.  Velosulin is Novo Nordisk's version of a Buffered Regular 
Insulin which was formulated for pumps.

> My problem exists as thus so far as I can tell and I've been doing
> more testing to confirm this...my sugars drop very close to five hours
> after I've bolused instead of the two to three that everyone else
> does.  I've tried bolusing before I eat, while I'm eating and after I
> eat but same results....
> My basals are ok and they are so small except for my pre dawn phen
> dosages that they could never cause a low....
> Where should I turn?  Do you have any suggestions?

Maybe they are set too low.  Have you done a "basal challenge"?  
Other than that, perhaps you would benefit from using Novolog.  
Ask your Endo about it.

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