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[IP] CDEs and "commissions"

All I know is my CDE makes money from Minimed and
Disetronic for each new pump patient she procures, on
top of the money I and my insurance pay her for
services. She gets a large figure from Minimed and an
even larger one from Disetronic. And I'm not saying
she doesn't deserve it - she deserves the moon as far
as I'm concerned. But people need to know this goes
on, and now I know it's why I never heard of the
Animas until I joined the IP, and why other CDEs may
not support certain pump choices, or why they may not
totally educate their patients. So we won't call it a
"commission", but that really just boils down to
That said, I appreciate that doctors, nurses and
educators have important and extremely difficult jobs
that are sometimes thankless.

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