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Re: [IP] group

>Does anyone on this list have experience with this type of group or a
>similar support group? I would love to hear from you. What has worked?
>Or not worked?

First of all, my apologies for taking so long to respond to this.

When I lived in WA I worked with the ADA and formed a support group for 
teens.  There were other activities going on as well for teens, such as 
weekend retreats and going as a group to sport games.  Anyway, I started a 
support group at my home.  We met every two weeks.  The mom's / dad's would 
drop of the kids and off we went.  I had so many parents calling me and 
saying "I can't believe the change in my son/daughter".  It was very 
rewarding for me.

Anyway, you may not like what I am about to say, oh well.  Basically all I 
did was let them be them.  They would vent, ask me question as to how I 
survived my teens years and I was very honest with them.  I never had guest 
speakers or any hard core formality.  We just were who we are.  I would 
talk about my experiences and they would talk about theirs.  They taught me 
how they "cheated" with the meters.  I was blown away.  I thought I was 
crafty by using water instead of urine.  Anyway, my response to them was " 
and who is that hurting?"  Then we talked about that.  This was pre pump 
for their age group and a lot of the times they would bring candy etc. and 
try to eat while hiding it from me.  I would say " it's not my body it's 
yours and your life ".  The next question was "where is the 
trash?".  Seriously.  What I learned from this is that the more you harp on 
kids ( which I can completely understand why parents would ) I believe the 
more they want to do what they are NOT suppose to do.  For me I would 
encourage them to be themselves and hopefully they can learn from their 
sharing.  It would be great if you could have someone in the group that has 
had diabetes since they were a child such as myself.  I think this really 
made a difference to these kids.  It was like wow she can make then so can 
we so lets listen up.

Type I too long <VBG>  38 years since age 2-3
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