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[IP] Re: pump locations for men

> I'm a few weeks behind on reviewing IP e-mails (over 4200 messages unread in
> my Inbox), and I don't recall seeing anything on how men wear their pumps in
> a manner that is convenient.

I just keep mine in the absolutely most simple way. 
I had a job interview and while walking, the elastic
on the band that held it to my leg slipped off (the
Velcro was very old) and the pump fell on the
floor.  I had to go into a long explanation of
diabetes and the wonders of pumps with my
prospective employer and don't want to have to do
that again (I got the job anyway).  Now I just put
it in my right pants pocket (I'm left handed) and
the tubing only shows for the inch between my pocket
and the belt.  I can get at it very quickly and
easily, much easier than my leg, hanging from my
neck or wrapped around my belly.  I just make sure
all my shorts have pockets.  Sometimes my pockets,
etc. get a little crowded (cell, beeper, pump,
change, tester, keys, etc.) but when I'm wearing
suits I have plenty room.
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