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[IP] RE: Pump Trainers

Perhaps commission isn't the correct terminology, but it wasn't *my*
terminology of choice. I was siimply mirroring the original poster's wording
(obviously a mistake.) If a CDE is also a pump trainer for 1, 2, or all 3 of
the pump companies, then they would be paid by one of the pump companies for
the pump training for the particular pump chosen, as you stated yourself.
That's all I meant. And as such, they might have a monetary interest in
which pump the patient chooses. That's what the original poster was getting
at (whether or not they meant commission in the true sense of the word, ie:
making a commission off every pump sale, or just that they were getting
money from the company in some way, such as pump training.) As someone else
mentioned, if they (dr, CDE, etc) held stock in one of the pump companies
they might also have a monetary interest in which pump the patient chooses.
I wasn't talking about someone who is only a pump trainer, but a *CDE who is
also a pump trainer.* I was trying to dispel the myth that they ALL make
"commissions" by saying they would only get money IF they were a *CDE and a
pump trainer* (for 1, 2, or all 3 companies.) I'll stop now before I dig
myself into a deeper hole from which I can't get out of. :)
Sorry if it offended you.

Take care, Kerri
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Sheila said:
As for the
"commission"  you speak of.......my contract with Disetronic specifically
states that I am NOT an employee of Disetronic and that I will not present
myself as a representative of Disetronic.  I am a contractor for them and am
under a 2 year contract.   As for what I get paid by Disetronic it's $150
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