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[IP] Re: Animas question

From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Re: Animas question

In a message dated 8/2/01 2:47:11 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
email @ redacted writes:

 > I know for a fact that my CDE is on commission for both of the
 > above, and while she was very diplomatic in her comparison of the two
pumps, Animas was never mentioned to me as an option.

 I didn't realize that CDE's (who are employees of docs or clinics and not
 regular employees of the pump companies) received commissions from pump
 companies . . .   >>

I'm glad that this has been brought up.  It never occurred to me that this
was possible until after I bought Claire her Disetronic pump.  Then I
how our local (small town) CDE never told people that there were other
companies than Minimed (though she had to when I showed up with Claire and
her H-tron) and then the endo (big city) who turned us down for a pump asked
us (in shock, I think) why we didn't buy a Minimed pump?  (she took care of
Claire during a surgery after she starting pumping through a different endo
and hospital).  The MM sales rep does an awfully good job at becoming best
friends with the pump team (big city) and taking local people out for dinner
etc.  Are there any laws or professional ethics about accepting money to
promote a product to patients??  Do these apply to CDEs, nurses etc.?
    I recently read an article regarding Kids and pumping written by a
doctor; at the end of the article it was stated that the doctor had a
financial interest in Minimed, being a stockholder.  The article only
addressed the benefits of kids pumping and didn't discuss individual pumps,
but what happens at that doctor's clinic?  Is this (having doctors have a
financial stake in Minimed pump sales) a major part of Minimed's marketing
    I'm all for promoting pump use to all diabetics, but lets have people
offered all the options for a most informed decision.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7

well, i as well as other ip members are shareholders in minimed and my wife
owns medtronics stock. i also had guident stock. i never consciously let
this influence my recommendation. in fact I am ver Partial to Animas because
I know their Pump Trainer and engineers. I also like their innovative
technology. When I had to get a Pacemaker my wife said, get a Medtronic
except it was heavier, larger and shorter lived than the Guident one I have.
so the decision was a no brainer. I got a Minimed pump because it was
available at the time I made my decision. I do like the Animas and would
probably switch at the appropriate time. spot
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