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Re: [IP] pump locations for men

OK, I know this is "Guy Turf" but *I* prefer pantsuits and can "Clean up really well"...I use the disetronic Leather belt case. Have seen men wear these too. They're very classy looking and I have all of the colours.

They come in Black, Deep brown and a Golden brown...The "Deep Brown" I think is called Burgandy. They are a thick leather 'tri-fold'. When you want to view the pump screen, you undo the flap and the bottom part unfolds toward you, with a clear window in it, thereby making your screen and buttons accessable. When folded, all are hidden from view.

These are extremely nice cases, and really look 'professional' on.  

When I'm in workclothes (I do my own home maintainance and repair), I wear the pump on a 'clip and go', or if working with concrete, heavy power tools and such, under my shirt on the sport belt like you do.

As a musician, I entertain and have a number of "Waist-It" pouches from Unique, they come in Navy, Black, Brown, Burgandy, Hunter green, Grey, as well as brighter colours. I have decorated some of these with airbrush and glitter paint to match some of my outfits.  -Yes, My Meter's cases have all received my 'personalization' on them as well....

Jenny Sutherland
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