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[IP] cafe au lait spots

Hi Mario:  I followed that posting re: the cafe au lait spots as my DM son
born with one on his tummy and has about 3 small ones, one on his back, leg
and near his groin. Not sure if there was a connection? I also think we had
been talking about spots under arms and around waists in refernce to this
does anyone remember?

Cafe au :Lait spots are related to neurofibromatosis. I never heard of them
beig prt of iddm. Iddm related dz are: 1. hyperthyroidism, Hashimoto's
disease, Addison's dz, Pernicious anemia. these are all glandular dzs and
they are related to the genetic defect in iddm dr3 x2 or dq x2 HLA genetics.
also relatedis myesthenia gravis and multiple sclerosis. spot
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