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[IP] Bleeding at site - has anyone else experienced this?

I've been pumping since March with an Animas pump and have had a persistent
problem with bleeding at the insertion site.  Every third or so time I change
the site I experience bleeding on the second day after insertion.  I suddenly
notice that the site is painful and when I look at it I notice some bleeding
where the tubing enters the skin. The tubing at first is clear so I wait and
pay careful attention to my numbers but then the bleeding gets worse and I
have to pull it out.  Usually there is blood in the tubing at that point and
when I take it out there is a bruise at the site as well as some bleeding.  I
use Comfort sets and I do not experience bleeding when I insert them, it is
always on the second day.  I spoke to a nurse at Animas and she gave me some
pointers about insertion which I've tried (not inserting all of the tubling,
using a more shallow angle on insertion, etc.) but I still have this problem.
A little background info: I always insert in my abdomen because it is easily
accessible and comfortable for me and when I was on injections I always had
bruises on my legs. I mentioned this problem to my endo. and asked if I should
take extra iron but he had no advice.  I started taking a daily multivitamin
for women about two months ago.  Has anyone else had this problem? Any

Colleen - Gestational followed by Type I Diabetes since 1998
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