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Re: [IP] Re: Animas question

>     I'm all for promoting pump use to all diabetics,
> but lets have people 
> offered all the options for a most informed
> decision.  
You are all totally right. It's unfair that a new
pumper is led to believe one pump is superior to the
others in the interest of a "sale". Especially after
the fact.  But, I guess right when I went on the pump
I was so miserable with my MDI scenario I was just
glad to get on the pump. The MM 508  I wound up with
works great, and besides, I hear tell of many people
who aren't happy with their pump brand and they are
able to switch or make a trade.  I'm certainly not
advocating or ignoring the "commission" scenario, but
after all the trouble I'm going through with the mail
order pharmacy, the doc, the pump, etc, I have to
choose my battles. I only hope that others aren't
misled by their commissioned CDEs.

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