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[IP] IP Website and CDE

My CDE had suggested I go to a pump for about six months and I was still
resisting (dumb me!!)  Anyway, she is the one who actually informed me of the
IP Website and suggested I log on and follow it for a while to learn more
about pumping to help me make a decision.  Was that ever a good suggestion on
her part!!!  After I had followed the list for just a couple weeks I could
tell how much everyone liked their pump and how much better it had made their
lives. I had been "struggling" with the 24/7 attachment of something to my
body but figured if it was working for everyone on this site, then it must not
be that bad.  With my new decision to get a pump, then all I had to do was
make a decision as to which pump to get!
I don't know why any CDE would discourage anyone from the IP website.  I have
been pumping for 7 months and am still learning many new tips, suggestions
from other users.  My family is very understanding, but visiting with them
about pump issues just isn't the same as visiting with all you IP users out
there who can actually "relate" to pump issues!
Thanks for all the support of everyone.
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