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Subject: [IP] taking a break?

Julie said: 
>> Does anyone ever feel the need to take a break from the pump?  I 
mean just
>> for a day or 2 between changing sites just go on shots again.  
Sometimes I
>> just don't want to be connected. you know?  So, what do you do?  I 
only have
>> a prescription for humalog, and wouldn't want to take any long 
>> anyways because it would linger in my system.  So that means a 
shot every 4
>> hours.  How do you remind yourself to do that?  Is this safe?  If 
I go off
>> the pump at all and switch to shots, even for less than a whole 
day, I feel
>> like total crap and end up with high bgs and ketones.  There's got 
to be a
>> way.  any ideas?
Julie, I understand how you feel about wanting to take a break from 
the pump.  I've only been off my pump 3-4 times in the 18+ years I've 
been using one, and every time (save when I was in the hospital after 
my daughter was born) it has been awful.  I've tried managing things 
by taking multiple injections of Humulin R, using Lente+Humulin 
(Humalog wasn't around the last time I tried taking a break), and I 
could never get a handle on things.  Don't know why I ever tried.

Having said that, however, I recently asked my endo about the 
possibility of using Lantus and Humalog if I wanted to take a break 
for a day.  We recently purchased a boat and, while I've heard great 
things about the MM Sports Guard, I'm just anal enough that I don't 
trust it - I've got too much invested financially and emotionally in 
my pump to take a chance on the having the guard leak and ruin the 
electronics of the device when I'm 50-100 miles away from home.  He 
said this was a reasonable option, better than using Ultra, and that 
he'd give me a sample bottle when I see him later this month.  I 
figure I can check it out and if it works reasonably well (better 
than using a long-acting, anyway) it will bring me some comfort to 
know I've got the option if I just don't want to be plugged in.

Don't know if this would work for you, but you might want to talk to 
your doctor about it.

Kathy Fagan
dx 10/68, pumping 12/82
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