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[IP] Taking a Break?

SNIP>>>>Does anyone ever feel the need to take a break from the 
pump? <<<<SNIP

Now, I would like to take a break from diabetes sometimes....but 
from my pump, never, never once since the day I put it on.   The 
Freedom of the pump, the huge reduction in stress from bgs out of 
control....things are so easy on the pump.   That is my point of 

Now, I have never had a child on a pump, I imagine there are many 
parents who would give lots of money to take a long break from 
being a caretaker, who might wish the kid would hurry up and grow 
up and take care of himself, who might wish they just didn't have to 
do so much and test in the middle of the night and worry while they 
are at school, and so many things parents of diabetics go through 
that I can't even imagine their not getting an occasional resentment 
about it all.  

My awe and amazement at the wonderful care that you parents of 
D kids give your kids, seemingly with love and no resentments, 
continually amazes and inspires me. Do you get a break when 
they go to diabetic camps?   I certainly hope so.   

Taking a break from my pump has never crossed my mind.  It is a 
part of my life like shampooing my hair, brushing my teeth, putting 
in my contacts. It is just part of my life, totally accepted and 
grateful for it.  I am so grateful for Mr. MINIMED or whomever 
invented the first pump and gave us all such a hopeful future 
without complications (and I still go barefooted, drink an occasional 
coke with peanuts, and can eat Godiva - a miracle).  

My prayer in 3 years is that we can get back into stem cell 
research to permanently fix my pancreas, my brother's alzheimers' 
and my dad's severe arthritis along with killing off cancer cells, 
etc....and so many other things.  

I know I have a pollyannish attitude about life, and I was born 
seeing good in everything, so my attitude is totally of gratitude for 
having an opportunity to wear the pump and warding off the 
complications of so many diabetics who came before us - BP - 
(before pumps).   

I do respect the feelings of anyone who does not have this 
attitude....and I am sending them waves of my feelings to share 
and lighten their load. 


Sorry for the gooey mush, I guess, being Friday, I woke up a bit 
overbearingly blissfull today.   But the feelings are all true for me.   

PS Where is Sara Smarty Pants? The nuyawk nut?  I miss her!!
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