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Re: [IP] taking a break?

>Does anyone ever feel the need to take a break from the pump?  I mean just 
>for a day or 2 between changing sites just go on shots again.  Sometimes I 
>just don't want to be connected. you know?  So, what do you do?  I only 
>have a prescription for humalog, and wouldn't want to take any long acting 
>anyways because it would linger in my system.  So that means a shot every 
>4 hours.  How do you remind yourself to do that?  Is this safe?  If I go 
>off the pump at all and switch to shots, even for less than a whole day, I 
>feel like total crap and end up with high bgs and ketones.  There's got to 
>be a way.  any ideas?

Stay on the pump and try to deal with the emotional aspect of why you want 
to take a break.

90% of the time I don't even know I have it on or where my site is.  It's 
just a part of me and a part of my daily life just as eating and taking 
care of bodily functions.

Now if I could take a break from diabetes, a permanent one would be good, 
Ahh then I may consider it.

I do hope you can figure out why you need to take that break.  When I had 
to go off the pump the first time 20 years ago, I was devastated.

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