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[IP] RE: Animas question

This is probably true ONLY if the CDE is also a pump trainer for a specific
pump company/ies (they may be a pump trainer for one, two, or all three
companies.) If they are a CDE but NOT a pump trainer for the pump
company/ies then they do NOT receive commissions from the pump companies.
I checked into becoming a pump trainer for each company and at the time
(Nov-Dec 2000) only Disetronic did not require its trainers to be an RN or
CDE, or have some other medical degree/background. But it has been implied
to me since then that Disetronic is or will be moving in that direction at
some point as well. So there are probably some CDE's (who are JUST CDE's)
out there not receiving any commissions at all, but probably a lot who are
CDE's AND pump trainers who are.
Hope I'm making sense. Having a 'doh' day here! :)
I agree with everything you said. The choice is a personal one and there
should be no influence from the CDE, endo, etc. Our endo stayed out of the
decision making process.

Take care, Kerri
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Lyndy said:
I didn't realize that CDE's (who are employees of docs or clinics and not
regular employees of the pump companies) received commissions from pump
companies . . . I really have trouble with this (assuming it's true) and
that, at a minimum, they have a duty to disclose this fact to their patients
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