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Re: [IP] Re: Cafe-au-lait

Todd & Shelly Tyler wrote:
> Hi Mario:  I followed that posting re: the cafe au lait spots as my DM son was
> born with one on his tummy and has about 3 small ones, one on his back, leg
> and near his groin. Not sure if there was a connection? I also think we had
> been talking about spots under arms and around waists in refernce to this too,
> does anyone remember?

I don't believe there is any correlation between cafe-au-lait spots and
Type 1 diabetes -- the spots are very common. 

However, there IS a correlation between a different condition, called
acanthosis nigricans, and insulin resistance. AN shows up as dark
pigmentation around the neck, in the armpits and other body folds. It's
more common in minority children, but can occur in whites, too. A child
who exhibits AN should be carefully monitored for Type 2 diabetes,
because AN is a marker for insulin resistance.
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