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[IP] I'm back

Just wanted to say hi -- I've been off doing my thing this summer --
visited Mexico City for a week, spent 3 weeks on a film project, and
went camping for 2 weeks!

Hey -- I climbed Mt. Lassen!!!!!  Elevation gain 2000 feet, and the
trail was classed as strenuous -- and it took me 6 hours where it's
supposed to take 4  for most people -- but hey, I DID it!!!!!!!  :) :)

That's my achievement for the summer. 

While camping, I did really well in the BG department too -- I cut my
basals in half, and doubled my carb ratio from 1:15 to 1:30, and only
had one high and 3 lows, all noticeable and treatable. Then I forgot to
change my basals BACK when I came home and resumed my slothful existence
-- woke up at 166 and got 310 after breakfast -- I haven't seen a BG
that high for years! 

The good part was that it told me I'd better change my basals, which I
did, and everything settled right back down again. 

(I don't mean to be bragging -- I'm still ecstatic about how well
insulin works to control MY type of diabetes -- I've been on insulin for
7 years now, and just chugging along -- it was a miserable struggle to
GET on insulin, but very much worth it!)

Hope life is treating y'all well!
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