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[IP] disconnecting

I had this same problem the second time I changed sites and I too called
MiniMed.  I was very pleased with them.  They sent three new soft-sets to me
and had me send the 'bad' set back so they could check it out.  I had the
replacements the next day.  I was told to test the disconnect and connect spot
each time before I put a new set in.  Haven't had any problems since, though,
there have been a few tough ones to turn!

Tina in NE Ohio
Dx'ed 1983, MM508 6/21/01

        >    Hi - I use the soft-set infusion sets -- I'm new at this (about a
month) and one time I had a problem with the quick >disconnecting and
reconnecting. I called MM and they sent me 2 others to replace those.
However, now, before I even start >changing the set I disconnect and reconnect
before I even start to make sure that it works.  MM said that every once in
>a     while this happens.  I haven't had the problem again.

> Jeanie (Shaindel)
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