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RE:[IP] Animas Question

> We talked to our Diabetes Pump Educator
> and she basically said if we went with Animas she would not support us.  Of
> course she didn't say it in these words but that was the message we got.
> So, I am looking for some personal stories about Animas.

Jan and Danae,
   I am 33 years old and have now been on the Animas pump for 10 
months.  I love it and would highly suggest it.  I have a three year old 
daughter who was diagnosed with Type 1  early this year and I am 
planning on putting her on the Animas pump later this year.  The 
previous shows how much faith I have in the Animas pump and the service 
that the Animas Co. gives.  Animas has  exchanged my pump because of new 
software and a few other things already and I am very satisfied.  I 
recently competed in an Ironman distance triathlon and the Animas pump 
had no problem going for the long swim, bike and run combination.  I 
truly believe that the Animas pump will fit a child very well,  the 
waterproof feature followed by the very small basal and bolus dosages 
are perfect for people taking small amounts of insulin.  The multiple 
basal delivery programs are great as well.  Feel free to contact me if 
you have any other questions about the Animas pump.
Dave Sieperda
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