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[IP] Completely Backward Part II

Cutting and pasting some posts again.....

Kathy B Said:
>Jenn, let me get this straight...you are only on the new insulin which
>acts as a basal rate and you don't inject regular or humalog to cover
>what you are eating and your b.g. goes down????

Yeah, that's right.

>There is something very fishy here, how is that possible?  Is it
>possible that your body is still producing insulin?  Are you type I or
>type II?  Doesn't make any sense to me...even "normal" people's b.g.
>goes up after they eat....

I don't think I'm type II.  I mean, I have no pancreatic function *at all* 
(no digestive enzymes as well as no insulin) so I don't see how that could 
be possible.

Susan Said:
>I wonder if Jenn's dose of Lantus is too much. If she uses a faster
>insulin before meals, it is too much. Another possibility is one of
>those high protien diets, you know, the ones that don't allow carbs,
>so the insulin has nothing to work on.

Well, I don't eat *a lot* of carbs, because I don't use a bolus insulin 
before meals, but I don't cut them out compeltely.  Also, I *hate* proteins, 
so I eat minimal amounts.

Joann Said:

>I have to agree with Kathy here. Lantus delivers a basal dose of
>insulin, so the probably explanation is that your pancreas is still
>producing insulin, When you eat, you will then have a basal dose
>(Lantus) and your own post meal dose which may be too much. I am also
>assuming that you are not a type 2 on oral meds, and that you do not
>have gastroparesis.....or a malfunctioning meter.  Does your doctor
>know this btw?

I do have gastroparesis, but take a digestive enzyme that takes care of 
that.  As far as I have been able to tell, my meter works like its supposed 
to.  Doc and CDE call me "the challenge patient".  I seem to react backward 
to *everything*.

Linda Said:
>I am not a medical person, but I think there is only one explanation.
>You must be a type 2 diabetic, whose body still produces some insulin
>whenever you eat, just not enough of it.  You tested your sugar before
>you ate, and then 2 hours after.  I bet if you tested 45 minutes to 1 >hour 
>after your BG would be high, and then it goes back down when your
>body releases insulin.  The lantus is a timed released insulin that
>lasts for 24 hours with no peak.  You do not need as much insulin
>right after meals, apparently, as you do other times of the day.  So
>the Lantus, combined with what your Pancreas manages to secrete,
>causes you BG to go down two hours after you eat.

Ok, how can I get this checked?

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