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Re: [IP] new Doc

Thanks for the insight. I am still on the fence about this guy, but the one
thing I guess I left out of my previous message was he didn't force himself
on us. He told Jared these are things he suggests IF Jared wants to do it.
It was totally up to him. Jared wants to try it. So I am all for it. I won't
force it, but will help him.
We are a really meat and potatoes family and I am overweight, my hubby is
morbidly obese, and I worry about that rubbing off on the kids, so we are
going to try cutting back on carbs. Today we went to McD's for lunch
(doesn't happen often), and Jared had chicken nuggets (not real low carb)
and a small ff and diet drink. I suggested getting small fries and he was
fine with that. He usually will eat super sized fries and then scrounge more
from everyone else.
I appreciate hearing from someone who went through the teen years with D
because it helps me help Jared.
Julie, Mom to Jared 15, dx'd 5/99, pumping Disetronic Htron,
Hope 12, Mitchell 9
Elkmont, AL
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