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[IP] Animas Question

I have had an Animas pump since December 2000.  It has worked perfect for me
since that time.  I don't think stating that Animas has had a "long history of
pump failures is at all a true statement".  They have only been shipping for
approximately a year so where is the "long history" you are talking about?
Anyway,  I was the first patient to go on an Animas at the large specialty
clinic I go to.  There is one Endo and 3 or 4 CDE's there.  My CDE had never
used the Animas or been trained on them yet at the time I was picking, but she
said "I" was the one  who was going to use and wear the pump so I should pick
the one "I" wanted.  After meeting with reps from all three companies and
reading brochures, watching the videos from the various pump companies, etc. I
picked the Animas pump.  From my history of Ultra Lente and Humalog it was
apparent I would need a very low basal rate and at that time the Animas would
start at .10 for basal and go in .05 increments (all other pumps went in .1
increments).  The animas clinical manager then trained the CDE's at the clinic
I attend.  Then I got my pump and my CDE (along with the Animas clinical
manager sitting in) trained me.  I have had very good support from Animas and
they have a very helpful telephone staff re problems, helps, etc.  My CDE
looked at it as a little more "work" for her as she had to learn another pump
to teach, but she was VERY willing to learn the additional pump.  Once the
actual pump basics are learned, it does not make any difference which pump
brand you have.  The remaining knowledge that your CDE will give us is
relavant to all pump brands.  My original Animas pump worked perfect and my
pump was not recalled - no problems with it.  However the "new" software in
the Animas pumps being shipped at this time will allow an hourly basal rate of
.05 per hour (lower than the original pump).  Upon wearing the Glucose Monitor
in May it was very apparent the .05 basal would help me a great deal (I had
been at .10 basal from 2 pm until midnight with a temp basal of -50% from 7 pm
to 10 pm each  night).  I called Animas and they sent me the new pump with the
new software so I now have the ability to use the .05 basal.  With a little
further tweaking of my basals, I now use the .05 basal from 7 pm to midnight
each night with very good results.
Sorry this post is so long - but everyone should pick the pump that is best
for THEM.  Don't let your CDE persuade you.  I personally would not be doing
as well with another pump as the Animas is the only pump with the .05 basal at
this time.
I am not trying to start any pump war - but I do not think the CDE should be
persuading you to pick one pump over the other.  I actually insisted that my
CDE tell me her opinion on which pump she would suggest for me and she
wouldn't tell me.  She wanted it to be my decision and I think that is great!
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