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Re: [IP] Animas Question


The Animas web site has a virtual pump. You and the educator can train
yourselves on the internet. The virtual pump works just like the real thing.


Sherry Nolan wrote:

> Jan,
> I don't have any experience with the Animas pump, but I do have some advise
> for your situation.   I currently wear a Minimed508 and at the time I chose
> it in November of 1999 it was the best choice FOR ME.  I am a strong
> believer in picking the pump that will best fit your lifestyle.  Since your
> daughter is so young and the Animas offers the advantage of smaller doses,
> and size that should be the pump that you choose for her regardless of the
> direction the pump reps and even your educator is pushing.
> As for your Pump Educator I think it is important to open up a line of
> communication with her about the Animas pump and why you think it is best
> for your daughter.  It is very possible that your educator prefers the
> Minimed because she has more patients on it and more experience with it.  My
> pump educator prefers it for that reason, but does support the other brands
> if her patients choose to go that way.  However, knowing about the specific
> brand pump and how to operate it isn't the whole picture of what an educator
> can help you with.  Any parent or person advocating the pump for themselves
> will probably read the manual that comes with it cover to cover before
> hooking up, so those items should be the least of your concerns.
> Let the educator know that she will be MOST valuable to you in figuring out
> what rates to start your daughter off with and how to do all of the basal
> tests, carb tests, etc that are needed to get originally regulated on the
> pump. That doesn't change depending on the pump you are on.  The advantage
> you will have is that the rates can be tweaked more specifically with the
> Animas then on the other pumps.  Your educator will also have advice on
> which infusion sets (as will this list) to use, and tips and tricks  for
> taping them down in various weather.
> Make sure that when you meet with her you bring the manual for the animas,
> or any information you can have before that, and acknowledge that this is a
> learning experience for both of you and you are willing to learn with her.
> Let her know that you are planning on staying with the Doctor and because
> she works with the office you want to work with her.
> And on a side note...welcome Charlotte, NC member!  My parents live in
> Charlotte and I was just back for a few days a couple of weeks ago.  I am
> still trying to convince my Dad (also a Type 1) to get on one.  I know I
> have my mom convinced...but my dad is another story. :)
> -- Sherry
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> Subject: [IP] Animas Question
> Hi,
> My daughter is 5, almost 6 and we are looking into which pump would be right
> for her.  We like the features on the Animas.  She takes a small amount of
> insulin and we like the fact that it gives small doses (.01) and is
> waterproof.  Our indo had told us about the problems they had with their
> Animas pumps earlier in the year.  We talked to our Diabetes Pump Educator
> and she basically said if we went with Animas she would not support us.  Of
> course she didn't say it in these words but that was the message we got.
> So, I am looking for some personal stories about Animas.  We have talked to
> the Rep, but now we would like to hear from people that have the Animas or
> used to have the Animas pump.  Have you had any problems?  What problems did
> you have?  They said they replaced all their pumps in the spring of this
> year.  Our Pump Educator was most interested in the Mini Med.  We like that
> they are coming out with a water proof version soon, but it doesn't give as
> small of doses as the Animas.  The D-tron is OK, but seems kind of big for a
> small child.
> Any help would be appreciated.  I don't know about changing Educators as was
> suggested in a previous post.  We really like our Endo and the Educator
> works there in the Endo office.  We do plan to talk to the Dr. about this
> before we decide.  But we are ready to decide so we can get the process
> started.  My daughter is ready to get her pump.  She has even started taking
> her shots in her tummy to get ready!
> Thank you,
> Jan (& Bryan) in Charlotte, NC
> Mom to Danae age 5 dx 9/00, Caleb 8yo, Grace Ann 10 months
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