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I understand your frustration.  Strange things happen to me all the time, as 
well, and I hate feeling yucky.

I guess my question is, why can't you go out and have fun?  If you go out 
and spend time with your friends (or whomever) I find that it keeps my mind 
off the fact that I feel yucky.  Not that I don't still pay attention to how 
I feel, but I would imagine staying home and dwelling on the fact that you 
don't feel well will, in the long run, actually make you feel worse and make 
the day last longer.

Just a suggestions.  Am I totally off-base here?


>ERRRRRRRRRr............I HATE THIS!!  I want to go swimming and to the 
> >waterpark and have fun like everyone else!  I just wish it would all >go 
>away already!!!!!!

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