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Re: [IP] Animas Question


  This is Sylvia, mom to Joshua out in WA state.  There is NOT a pump on the 
market right now that does NOT have some sort of problem, either in the past 
or on-going.  My personal opinion is that NO person should be pushing one 
model or brand of anything unless, of course, they are working for that 
company and get paid to push it.  Choosing a pump is a VERY personal thing 
because each person's thoughts, feelings, and desires for what they are 
looking for is just that...PERSONAL.  Your CDE is NOT going to be the one 
wearing this pump or dealing with the 24/7 details of the child who is 
wearing the pump.  She was WAY out of line for even insinuating that choosing 
a pump she doesn't approve of would make her unhappy at best.  If she does 
not do her job, which is to EDUCATE the patient and their family members, 
then you don't really want to be using her services anyway.  My personal 
experiences seem to be that a lot of these EDUCATORS seem to get very full of 
themselves and start thinking of themselves as something other than just an 

  Yes, the Minimed company has been around in the US for a longer period of 
time than the Disetronics or the Animas.   It is up to these EDUCATORS to 
EDUCATE themselves on the newest and latest advances in their field (same 
goes with the doctors)  It is only by their education that they can 
adequately educate the families and patients.

  I know there are others on this list that have heard me say this before so 
I apologize to them for this rant.  I guess what it will boil down to Jan is 
this.  Which pump would YOU like to see your daughter on for the next FIVE 
years (the length of most warrantees of the pumps)?  It is THAT pump and THAT 
pump only that you should be considering.  You may end up having to learn all 
of the ins and outs of this pump and how it works and not get as much 
guidance as you were hoping for from your so-called educator.  It CAN be 
done.  I had NO training when Josh went on the pump, and we STILL have no 
educators of ANY kind out here where we live.  THIS LIST is THE BEST PLACE 
for education and it is open for business 24 hours a day 7 says a week.  Bet 
there are no other educators out there that can say THAT??!!!

Good Luck with the decision making.  Do let you team members know that THEY 
work for YOU and it is YOUR child and no matter what anyone else may think, 
the final decision about her care is ALWAYS going to be YOURS!!!!

mom to Joshua
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