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[IP] Re: More Glucowatch info.

> We pump users in many ways are a whole different cohort as frequent testing
> (at least 4 times a day) is more or less a prerequisite to getting a pump.
> I suspect that most diabetics, including type 1s, seldom test more than
> twice a day, if that.  Certainly the bulk of the health care system seems to
> think that is sufficient, but then again, I think most health care providers
> not familiar with the studies (DCCT and UKPDS) pretty much resign themselves
> (and patients) to eventual complications.  This attitude, too often, gets
> passed on to their patients.  The concept (and necessity!) of testing often
> is foreign to them. 

There have been reports, on this list, that some
docs order very few self tests (<2) for their T
I's.  Testing of bg's is a relatively new
phenomenon.  For a long time we only had urine test
strips.  Some doctors have told me that they use
different levels for different patients because some
just cannot, or will not, be able to handle it.  

> All of this is sort of background (I suspect) for *MARKETING* to convince
> health care professionals, patients, and *INSURANCE* companies of the value
> of the kind of monitoring the GlucoWatch is capable of.  In this context,
> BTW, marketing is a good thing as it will help us all to continue to have
> state of the art resources in controlling our disease, whether type 1 or
> type 2.

> Jim Handsfield

I think that's the point.  If they compare the
glucowatch to a conscientious pumper who tests 10
times/day, they will 'prove' that it is not much
help.  Comparing to 2 tests/day will show major
improvements in control.  As it may be with the
'cure' I would guess that this may be targeted to
those that need the most help first.  If the
insurance companies figure they will save money (as
proven with 2/day testers) we will all get one,
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