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Re: [IP] Mixing Humalog with Regular in the pump

I mix 220 units of H and fill the rest of the cartridge (315 ml) up with
Velosulin Buffered Regular. Before I started mixing, I couldn't get a set to
last more than 36 hours. I mix due to H sensitivity. The mixing has not
effected my basal rates as I use so little V to H in my ratio, some pumpers
who mix use more V and bolus earlier to offset the time difference beforeit
works, others less than I use and act as if it was straight H.
Experimentation showed me what worked best for me and my pump.  My control
has improved greatly (Last A1C was 4.3) since mixing as I didn't have so
many highs due to bad sets. My skins also not as sore and bolusing doesn't
sting and hurt like it did when I started pumping.  I can go up to 5 days
between set changes too, which I love as hate set changes:( I still get bad
sets, that's a given for infusion set users, but it's not near as annoying
as it was before mixing. I bolus 10-15 mins, sometimes immediately before,
before a meal and my postprandials are still always on target.

Pumping since Feb 7, 2000
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